How to Analyse Local Competitors for SEO Insights

This is gonna be a good one folks. Today I’m going to talk about analysing your local competitors to uncover some impressive SEO strategies. Get ready because we’re about to unveil the secrets of the trade : ) Identifying Your Local Competitors; Local competitors are like the heroes in your neighborhood. It’s not about keeping an eye on the big players; its about keeping an eye on the game that’s going on in your local area. We’re talking about those smaller businesses swimming in your local pond.  Let’s start with a Google search. Search your keywords and location details. Take a look at businesses offering goods or services nearby. Pay attention to the ranking ones on Google. Make note of their websites. Local directories are like treasure maps for you. Yelp, Yellow Pages Google My Business are, like the “X” that marks the spot. Browse through them to find businesses located in your area. Add them to your list. Don’t overlook social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, these platforms are buzzing with data. Look for businesses that have established a presence. Boom! You’ve got your local competitors ready to go. Social Sprout has an awesome free social media competitor analysis template to help you. Analysing Competitor Websites; Now let’s take a peek through the keyhole into your competitor’s websites. Take a look at their website structure, is it as tidy and organised as someone who loves neatness? Dive into their content, what topics are they focusing on? Do they incorporate multimedia elements? And those backlinks, who is giving them a pat on the back? Remember it’s not about copying and pasting. It’s about understanding what works and adding your touch. Analysing Competitor Keywords; Let’s discuss exploring your competitor’s hidden treasure chest, their keywords. Discover the words and phrases they use to attract customers. Utilise a keyword research tool; it’s like having a metal detector in an SEO goldmine. Identify themes find those long tail keywords and shape your strategy accordingly. But here’s the thing, it isn’t about copying what they do. It’s about reading between the lines grasping their vibe and putting your spin on it. Your keywords, your approach. Evaluating Competitor Backlink Profiles; Backlink profiles are, like a treasure trove of SEO insights. It feels like plunging into an ocean of nuggets. Take an approach by creating a table and listing those domains. Get this, 57% of companies say that getting a competitive edge is like hitting the jackpot in their top 3 priorities. It’s like the holy grail of the business game, you know? Focus on quality, than quantity. Take the time to build connections with figures. You know the saying “knowledge is power”? Well, get into those profiles. Tools for Competitor Analysis SEMrush Take a look into your competitors’ strategies with SEMrush. Uncover their top keywords, dissect backlink tactics, and track their search rankings. Get a 360-degree view of their online game, even peeping into advertising strategies. Ahrefs Ahrefs is your backlink detective. Discover where your rivals are getting their links, find content that works for them, and spy on their keyword rankings. It’s like having x-ray vision for your competitors’ SEO. SpyFu Peek into your rivals’ keyword playbook with SpyFu. See which keywords they’re targeting in organic and paid searches. Get historical data to understand their strategy evolution over time. Moz Moz’s Open Site Explorer is your backstage pass to your competitors’ SEO show. Check their backlink profile, compare domain authority, and find opportunities to outshine them.  Strategies of Competitor Content The golden standard of SEO lies in creating exceptional informative content. Dive into analytics and keep an eye on social media trends. It’s not about copying; rather it’s about seeking inspiration and crafting your unique masterpiece. When it comes to content formats and topics, they serve as the foundation for engaging your audience. Mix things up and think beyond the norm. Let your imagination soar. While analysing your competitors is important avoid being a copycat. Instead, find your voice. Create a distinct vibe. In terms of promoting your content, it’s not just about creating remarkable pieces; it’s also about making sure that they reach your audience. Use social media platforms and collaborate with influencers to spread the word far and wide. Remember that word of mouth holds power.  Identifying opportunities within content gaps is like going on a treasure hunt. Locate your competitor’s weaknesses. Fill those gaps with content that showcases your A-game. Keep in mind that seizing these opportunities promptly is key, don’t wait around. Conclusion There you have it – Analysing competitors is the key that unlocks greatness. SEO is not merely a strategy; it’s an exhilarating adventure. Delve into its mysteries learn from your competitor’s successes and let your business shine brightly. As the mastermind, behind Peter Stuart Local SEO expertise lies with me to transform your presence into a symphony of success. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Together let’s make your website the talk of the town!

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