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How to Add a Manager to Google My Business

If you’re aiming to simplify and optimise your profile management adding a manager can make a difference. Whether you need help with handling customer reviews sharing updates or overseeing locations this step by step tutorial will walk you through the process. Lets begin! Before we start make sure you have your Google My Business account […]

How to Add Multiple Locations to Google My Business

Expanding the reach of your business and strengthening its presence requires adding locations to your Google My Business account. This enables you to manage and optimise profiles for each location ensuring that potential customers can easily access information, on both Google Search and Maps. Adding Multiple Locations to Google My Business Access your Google My […]

Importance of Local Citations for SEO

You might be wondering, “What exactly are local citations and why should I care?” In this article, ill explain the answers. Table of Content Setting the Scene; Understanding Local Citations Why are local citations crucial, for SEO? Establishing Trust and Credibility My Personal Experience; A Journey of Local Recognition Local Citations and the Art of […]

Local SEO Basics for Small Businesses

Are you ready to explore the world of SEO and make your business stand out in search results? Now I may not be a tech expert, but I’ve gained experience navigating the ins and outs of Local SEO for my own small business. So grab a cup of coffee get comfortable and let’s uncover the […]

Simple Beginners Guide to Google My Business

Ready to go on a wild journey into the heart of Google My Business (GMB)? If so – great, because I’m about to show you the secrets of this virtual treasure map that can put your business on the online map for real. Table of Contents Navigating the GMB Terrain Setting Sail: Claiming Your Business […]

Navigating Local Search Ranking Factors

Let’s talk about local search rankings. We’ll go through the important stuff that can affect how people find you online. It’s like a little adventure with twists and turns, so lets make sure you’re ready for it. Ready to get started? Table of Content Setting Sail on the Local Odyssey The Guiding Beacon of Google […]

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