Unlocking the Types of Keywords in Local SEO: A Sorcery Journey into the Heart of Search

Do keywords rule the roost in local SEO? A common question across the field. If you have ever asked the same, join me as we take a deep dive into the magical tale of SEO sorcery and find the answer.

Let’s break it down and sprinkle that digital fairy dust for a website that truly shines in the faces of your audience.

Why Keywords are the SEO MVPs

Keywords have always been the foundation of SEO. Whether you’re jazzing up your site or looking for those precious links, it all boils down to these phrases. Imagine them as your trusty sidekicks in the online wilderness, guiding the lost souls straight to your digital doorstep. Aka, your website.

Now, here’s the secret, knowing your keywords isn’t just proactive; it’s the ultimate power move. It’s like having a treasure map in the SEO jungle, steering you clear of the pitfalls and leading you straight to the golden chest of high-quality visitors.

But there are a few things to remember on your quest. It’s not as black and white as you may think.

Navigating the SEO Sea: Types of Keywords Ahoy

1. Short Tail Keywords: The Quick and the Curious

Alright, imagine these as the speed demons of the keyword world – short, snappy, and always in a hurry. We’re talking one or two-word wonders, like ‘oranges.’ But here’s the deal โ€“ they’re like the popular kids in high school, everyone’s vying for their attention. It’s a crowded party, and standing out ain’t that easy.

2. Long-Tail Keywords: The Niche Explorers

Now, shift gears to the long-tail crew. These are the cool kids at the same high school who get specific, real specific. Think ‘best time of year to pick oranges.’ They’re like the VIPs of the search world, not everyone’s invited, but those who are mean business. But handling these bad boys? It’s like taming a wild stallion; you need finesse.

Source: Long Tail (Keywords) explained – Seobility Wiki License:ย CC BY-SA 4.0

3. Medium-Tail Keywords: Goldilocks’ Sweet Spot

Meet the Goldilocks of keywords, not too broad, not too narrow, just right. We’re talking two to three-word wonders, like ‘Gym centers London.’ More specific than the short tails, with less competition, but still packs a punch in the search volume department. They’re the sweet spot often overlooked in the SEO dance.

4. Short-Term Fresh Keywords: Ride the Hype Wave

Time to ride the hype train. Short-term fresh keywords are like the latest trending hashtags. Remember ‘Red Notice’ in 2021? Write about it, and you’ve got a ticket to a traffic bonanza. But here’s the catch, it’s a one-shot deal; once the buzz fizzles, so does the traffic.

Crafting a Symphony of Keywords: Beyond the Basics

Now that you’re armed with keyword wisdom, it’s time to up the ante. Crafting a killer keyword strategy is an art form. It’s not just about throwing around pretty words; it’s about understanding your tribe, speaking their language, and strategically placing those magic words where they count.

1. Custom Defining Keywords: Speak Your Audience Language

Every business has its vibe, right? Customer-defining keywords are your secret weapon. Male or female, age โ€“ get specific. It’s like tailoring your content to fit like a tailor-made suit. Understanding your audience is like having a cheat code to conversion success.

2. GEO Targeted Keywords: Location, Location, Location

Alright, let’s talk location magic. If your business thrives on local love, be it a beauty salon, restaurant, or car repair shop โ€“ GEO-targeted keywords are your ace in the sleeve. Imagine you’re running a Mexican joint in London. Sprinkle those GEOย  keywords, and voila! You’re the top pick in local searches. Want to see proof? Then check out this case study by Third Marble who dramatically helped cut their client’s cost by 50% and increased their CTR by 1.23% to 3.22%.

3. Intent Targeting Keywords: Get Inside Your Buyer’s Head

Time to get inside the minds of your buyers. Intent targeting keywords are the ‘I’m ready to buy’ magic words. It’s like catching them at the online checkout counter. They’ve got a problem, they know it, and they’re ready to throw money at a solution. Be there when they decide; it’s like winning the online shopping jackpot.

4. Competitor Keywords: Spy Alert!

Ever wondered what your rivals are up to? Competitor keywords spill the tea. Sneak a peek at what brings visitors to their doorstep. It’s like having a backstage pass to understand your audience’s genuine interests. Craft valuable, people’s first content that steals the spotlight from your rivals.

Beyond the Basics: LSI Keywords and Related Verticals

1. LSI Keywords: The Cool Sidekicks

Now, let’s talk cool sidekicks and LSI keywords. They’re the buddies to your main heroes, adding depth and context to your content. Think synonyms, and related phrasesย  – they’re the secret sauce for a higher search engine ranking. Why limit yourself to one keyword when you can have a whole squad?

2. Related Vertical Keywords: Expand Your Horizons

Don’t stay in your lane; it’s time to explore. Related vertical keywords are your bridge to fresh prospects and building a robust network. Tap into similar niches, connect with like-minded people, and create content that brings the two groups together. It’s like hosting the coolest online party where everyone’s invited.

Evergreen Keywords: The Timeless Charm

Evergreen – it’s not just a tree; it’s your content’s best friend. These keywords are like fine wine; they get better with time. Imagine publishing an article titled ‘9 Ways To Style Your Old Shirts.’ It doesn’t go out of style; people keep searching for it. That’s the power of evergreen content, it keeps your website relevant for the long haul.


So, there you have it, the journey into the keyword wonderland. So, do keywords still rule the roost? The answer; (as you will now understand) is that it depends on the type, and understanding that each type plays a unique role in the land of local SEO tactics. Master the art, speak your audience’s language, and watch your website steal the spotlight in the online arena. Rock on & Good luck!๐Ÿš€

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